EVRUN Vehicle offers very high energy efficiency & high operational performance, less maintenance.

  • We have high efficiency axial flux technology motors which have 3 to 4 times more power density compared with traditional Ev-Motors. This brings additional benefits such as law material usage (cost) and low losses.
  • Battery pack will also be liquid cooled and will be packed in solid IP67 case which provide high strength and outer shell to protect critical EV Components.
  • BMS has been designed for extended battery life of up to eight years with consistent performance.

Our Collaboration

EVRUN signed a Joint Venture agreement with "Elo Mobility GmbH" Germany for developing and manufacturing of electric bus and other commercial vehicles in India.

"EVRUN" has signed an agreement with the German Company "Greenbox Global Holding GmbH" for the cooperation in the development of innovative Battery Charging and Swapping Infrastructure plus Energy Storage and Management Systems.